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It can sometimes be a struggle to be a good partner and create the close bond you desire.  I want to hear where you are stuck in your relationship, and what your goals and dreams are for a good relationship. I will help you to re-establish loving emotional connections, restore your intimacy and rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place.  My desire is to help partners learn effective tools to improve communication, reduce conflict and encourage a sense of fun and playfulness.


Parenting can be really hard.  Tension between couples can adversely affect their children.  My research and clinical work on Emotion Coaching parenting practices, which strengthen children’s ability to handle their feelings and manage stress, is very helpful to couples struggling with this issue. If this is a concern, I can help you minimize the impact of your relationship difficulties on your children.

My work with couples is informed by the Gottman Method of couples therapy, and I am a certified Gottman Therapist. I worked closely with Dr. John Gottman for 12 years and was centrally involved in the research on which the Gottman Method is based. I also developed the concept of Emotion Coaching with Dr. Gottman, and have taught courses on emotion and mental health at the University of Washington.  I have examined Emotion Coaching in diverse groups of families in my capacity as Research Professor at the University of Washington, and have developed an Emotion Coaching parenting intervention.   Dr. Gottman and I have published extensively together (click here for Dr. Katz’s CV).  

 You are the expert on your relationship, and I see myself as a gentle guide who can help you build a strong and more satisfying connection. My therapeutic style is compassionate and collaborative as we tailor our therapy to be most effective and satisfying for the two of you.

Gottman Marathon Couples Therapy

In addition to traditional weekly individual and couples therapy sessions, I provide Gottman Marathon Couples Therapy.  Gottman Marathon Couples Therapy is a dynamic alternative to traditional weekly sessions.  It is a condensed and focused approach to marriage counseling that will provide you with the time you need to address specific issues and get your relationship back on track quickly. In this powerful therapy format, you’ll meet with me for three consecutive days (approximately 15-16 hours).  You will have time to talk in depth about the struggles and challenges of the relationship. There is time to process past injuries that have never healed, and time to understand how these injuries have impacted the relationship. There is time to learn and practice new communication skills to help you have more productive conversations. Gottman Marathon Couples Therapy is a good fit for couples who want intensive therapy but don’t live in the vicinity of a Certified Gottman Therapist, for couples whose schedules do not allow for them to go to weekly therapy sessions, and for couples who need to get help immediately.

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